• To be a successful learner you definitely need to know how to study effectively. USS shows you some of the essential skills that can be yours. It is not about a few tricks that magically solve all your problems with academic work. But steady and consistent exercise will get you on high levels of performance.

  • Module 1 contains the first five lessons. During these first lessons you might get the feeling that you know it already all. Wait a minute and continue... One step at a time! To comprehend and apply the skills that are explained in module 2 and 3 you will need to know module 1.

  • Module 2 goes with with help of five lessons into more depth. This is not for bloody beginners anymore. Take it seriously and do all the expected assignments. Looking back later you will discover how your study skills grew over time.

  • The beauty of studying shines when doing it together. Informed conversation, team research, and partnering communication between students and instructors can be most fruitful. Module 3 shows in five lessons only a little teaspoon of the ocean of online communication possibilities from asynchronous to synchronous cooperation.

  • Here we add optional learning units that can be studied, if the student wants to go deeper into detail. Some of these topics will help specific professions, like for example educators and others. These topics are not necessarily important in general.

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