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                                 Tuition Fee                             

Degree programs

Independent study

Guided study

Transfer (work or prior education)
Bachelor per course*$130$190$30
Master per course *$200$280$40
Doctorate per course$250$330$50
Application fee$90$90 $90 
Graduation  fee$480$650     $750 
Thesis fee$400$900         $1500 

Guided study = direct academic follow up and guidance by faculty

Independent study = no academic help during study; self-study

* 50% discount for the applicants who apply in 2013

Fees Bachelors Masters Doctorates
Additional original certificate $50 $50 $50
Additional original transcript $30 $30 $30
UNESCO Student ID Card $50 $50 $50
Authentication $720 till dept of state $720 till dept of state 720 till dept of state
Late pay penalty 5%/month 5%/month 5%/month
E - books Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Transcripts (for transferring students) $250 $250 $250

                           Payment Instructions                     

You may pay application, tuition or other fees online (through the PayPal system) or by bank wire transfer. 

If you prefer to pay online:
  • Click the PayPal button
  • Provide all information, including the complete credit card number, expiration date, and card billing information. 
  • Click the 'Submit this information' button.
If you prefer to pay by bank wire transfer:
  • Click the button GET INVOICE
  • Print the invoice
  • Make the payment according to the instruction


Please transfer your tuition fees only after you have obtained the invoice from us.

    In case you don't have your own bank account yet, we strongly advice to open an account
    in US Dollars. You may ask your bank to operate the money transfer via SWIFT. All necessary
    university bank information is noted on the invoice that you will receive from us.

    The fees that you will have to cover include those of the sending, of the receiving, and in some cases also of a possible corresponding bank. ©

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